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NVS Bessell Thruster Future


The Bessell Thrusters were designed by long time San Diego shaper Tim Bessell.  They feature larger (17.78 square inches), fairly raked back side fins.  The center fin is a more upright template that is quite a bit smaller (13.78 square inches) than the side fins.  This contrast offers a fun balance of drive and hold [from the taller, wider, larger side fins] and freedom and release [from the smaller, upright, more pivot oriented center fin].   The side fins also have a nice amount of nuanced flex in the top third of the outline, which offers a playful, lively feeling. 


This setup will work well in swallow tail thruster set ups, hybrid fishy/thruster shapes, and any board for which a smaller twin + stabilizer setup is functional.   Despite being designated as a thruster, the larger side fins lie somewhere on the spectrum between large thrusters and smaller twins so they will offer a lot of room for experimentation in a range of boards.   The Bessell Thrusters fit the role of a highly functional "thruster & twin + stabilizer hybrid."

Base: 4.75"
Height: 5.0"
Area: 17.78 Square Inch
Foil: Flat SeriesIII

Base: 4.375"
Height: 4.5"
Area: 13.78 Square Inch
Foil: SeriesIII

NVS Bessell Thruster Futures

kr 1 299,00Price


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