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C-Skins Wired+ 3 finger lobster 5mm surf glove is the only right thing to use up here in the arctic. You get a glove with which you can paddle quickly and at the same time have a grip around the rails, so that your pop-ups succeeds while you still have the energy to surf.
The palms have a HYPE 3 palm which provides a good and firm grip. Made in 100% Xtend neoprene which is flexible, lightweight and highly water repellent. The seams are stretchy and waterproof, which ensures warmth for your hands so you can surf for longer.
Inside the glove you have a Dryknit liner, which provides the ultimate in warmth, lightness and fast drying.
On the outside, you have mesh skin that reduces windchill and retains heat better.

C- Skins Wired 5mm Lobster Gloves

kr 649,00Price


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